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Financial Services

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Stock NameStock CodeIndustryLiquidity
Stock NameStock CodeIndustryLiquidity
ARA D1R Asset Management High 
G K Goh G41 Stockbroking House 
GreatEast G07 Insurance Services 
HL Fin S41 Financial Services 
Hotung NT1 Venture Capital Holdings 
IFS Capital I49 Financial Services 
K1 Ventures K01 Investment Holding Company 
MacCookPSF A0P  
Maxi-Cash 5UF Pawnbroking Financial Svcs High 
MoneyMax  5WJ Pawnbroking Financial Svcs  
Pac Cent P15  
SGX S68 Stock Exchange High 
SI Fund S45U  
Sing Inv S35 Financial Services 
Spore Reinsurance S49 Insurance Services 
Transpac T55 Investment Holding Company Low 
UIS U07 Investment Holding Company 
Uni-Asia C3T Investment Holding Company 
UOB-KayH U10 Stockbroking House 
UOI U13 Insurance Services 
ValueMax T6I Pawnbroking Financial Svcs  
Showing 21 items